I am using below syntax to hide one item only from gallery but it hide all items when i navigate to gallery from input form , it should hide row which have below value but it hide everything unless i do refresh

 Visible=  If(Title5_3.Text="Test1",false,true)

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You can try defining the visibility of the gallery and the item separately.

Refer to answer by PK_Hong in another post:

  1. Define:

    Gallery1. Visible = CustomGallerySample

  2. The screen which contains Gallery1 as:

    Screen1. OnVisible = UpdateContext ({CustomGallerySample: true})

    When you navigate to Screen1, it will force the Gallery to be visible.

  3. Use a control to navigate to the screen containing the Gallery.

    Button. OnSelect = Navigate(Screen1); UpdateContext ({CustomGallerySample: ! CustomGallerySample}).

  4. Add your syntax on Screen1.


Control conditional visibility.

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