In simplified form: I have two content types representing documents and folders. Thus, content type MyFolder has parent type Folder, content type MyDocument has parent type Document.

What I want to do now is to have a column MyColumn in the MyDocument content type that is a reference/link to the column MyColumn in MyFolder. The desired behaviour is that the value of that column in a MyDocument instance is always equal to the value of the same column of the MyFolder that contains the MyDocument. It should not be just a copy of that value, it should be the very same value at all times.

How can I achieve this? Do I need a calculated column for this behaviour?

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DISCLAIMER: I assume you are using SharePoint 2010.

If you are willing to use Document Set Feature introduced in SharePoint 2010, they offer Shared Columns, these columns can be updated at document set (it is a content type derived from folder) and automatically synchronized to documents in the document set. Shared columns remain read-only for documents though.

Note that Document Sets themselves are derived from Folder but enhanced with special operations and behaviors. Check more about them:



  • I am indeed using Sharepoint 2010. I took a look into DocumentSets now, but apparently they cannot be nested which is a must-have requirement.
    – Hatch
    Commented Jan 20, 2012 at 9:04

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