We have a SP2016 on-premise farm. There are 2 AAM setup:

Default: https://mysharepoint.company.intranet/

Extranet: https://mysharepoint.company.com/

Internet facing gateway is setup to handle request to https://mysharepoint.company.com/. For users within our office, they can use both URL to visit our site. However we do not encourage internal user to browse thru Extranet because they will occupy the limited bandwidth for external users.

The problem is in our designer workflows. The workflow send email to user with a direct link to document or particular site. The url is like https://mysharepoint.company.com/sites/xxx/xxx/xxx.docx. If the email receiver (the user) is working outside office, when he click on the link he will not open the document because it is an Internal address.

It is also not very good to provide both link in the email, because our users cannot distinguish he is sitting within Intranet or in Internet.

Any idea of solve the situation?

  • Why are you using different URLs? Set the Default AAM to your .com namespace and route internal users to the load balancer and the external users via your router/firewall/etc. as you would any other external user. This will ultimately solve confusion and you won't have to give out special instructions. The WF doesn't know what URL your user can come in on. – Trevor Seward Nov 27 '19 at 4:29

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