This question is more out of curiosity than need, but so far I haven't been able to figure out a solution. We frequently set up recurring events on our intranet calendars, and have promoted the use of Sharepoint calendars over Outlook ones. Today I found out that the Thanksgiving holiday wasn't displaying correctly - we close on Thanksgiving (Thursday) and the day after (Black Friday), but our main company calendar was showing the previous Friday (11/22/19) instead of the correct one (11/29/19).

While correcting this, I found that the Friday event was set to a yearly recurring event - the fourth Friday of November. It was apparently set up like this because there is no duration field on a recurring event. In other words, there is no option below to set the recurring "Thanksgiving" event as a two-day event rather than one day:

enter image description here

When you uncheck the "All Day Event" option, you can choose a Start Time & End Time, but only within the 24 hours of that single day. The "Date Range" value at the bottom is for the series as a whole, not the event. So basically I'm at a loss here.

How can you post a 2-day recurring event on a Sharepoint calendar?

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You'll add items one at a time by clicking New Item on the New menu. Then you'll enter the item's details in a form. One other thing we should mention: It's easy to create recurring items, such as a weekly staff meeting. You do this by selecting the Make this a repeating event check box and then setting the item's recurrence pattern (for example, for a weekly lunch meeting you would set the pattern to weekly).


The Recurrence Data field is unique to the Event Content Type. I don't see any way to add it to an existing list. You would need to recreate your list using Calendar list as the base if you were to use this approach.


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