I want to compare the time from a column called "Date and time" (datetime format) with a fixed time value. I have created a calculated column for this.

=IF(AND(TIME([Date and time])>TIMEVALUE("06:00:00");TIME([Date and time])<TIMEVALUE("18:00:00");"Day";"Night"))

It works when I use the HOUR() function, but I want to be able to use specific minutes.

What is wrong with this code?


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Using the following formulas:

=IF(AND(TIME(HOUR([Date and time]),MINUTE([Date and time]),SECOND([Date and time]))>TIMEVALUE("06:00:00"),TIME(HOUR([Date and time]),MINUTE([Date and time]),SECOND([Date and time]))<TIMEVALUE("18:00:00")),"Day","Night")

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