I have created a tiles webpart where i am changing the color on toggle between tiles but i want to set default color for one of tiles once page load and then user can toggle

                            toggle (b)

                            if (this.state.description === b) {
                            this.setState({description : null})
                            } else {
                            this.setState({description : b})


                            myColor (b)
                            if (this.state.description === b) {
                            return "#ff9933";
                            return "";



                            <DocumentCard style={{background: this.myColor(key)}}  styles={cardStyles}   onClick={() =>{this.ShowGrid(items.GPDTemplate);this.toggle(key)}}>
                            <DocumentCardTitle   title={items.Template} />
                            <DocumentCardImage styles={cardStyles1}  height={100}imageFit={ImageFit.cover}  imageSrc={items.ImageLink ? items.ImageLink["Url"] : ''} />


  • tried using style={{ backgroundColor: (Key == 1) ? '#ecf0f1' : '#fff' }} but then color does not change on toggle it remain same
    – kumar
    Nov 24, 2019 at 8:51
  • Could you try the below solution. I think it will work for you. Nov 25, 2019 at 7:36

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I think, here you are passing the style as a prop property for the component. That's the reason color is not visible.

Solution 1. Just pass the color-code form the master page. like

<DocumentCard style={ this.myColor(key)}
  1. Apply the color-code as a background css property in the DocumentCard component of the parent div. Code like this:

    < div style={{backgroundColor:this.props.style}}>

Here this.props.style is the passing color-code.

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