How to do Multilingual/Localization support in SharePoint Framework Client Side Webparts?


Check the below steps for adding multiple language in SharePoint Framework(SPFx) webparts:

  1. Within "loc" folder you will see a file named "mystrings.d.ts". At first add property here like below:
declare interface ITestWebPartStrings {
  WebpartTitle: string;
  1. There is a file for english language named "en-us.js". If you want to add another language you have to create another file. For example if you want to add Norwegian language then you have to create "nb-NO.js" file.
  2. After that add the property in "nb-NO.js" file for Norwegian language. And for english language add property within "en-us.js" file as like below:
define([], function() {
    return {
        "WebpartTitle": "YourTitle",
  1. Now you have to import in your file.
import * as strings from 'TestWebPartStrings';
  1. Now you can show "WebpartTitle" using "strings.WebpartTitle". This is the process to add multiple language.
let wpTitle = strings.WebpartTitle;

1. nopvalley.com: Enabling Multilingual/Localization in SharePoint
2. From Microsoft documentation: Localize SharePoint Framework client-side web parts

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