I've seen numerous content on stack exchange and every who has posted seems to have a common problem. But mine is a bit more unique. Yes I am trying ot upload an HTML page, but I also have directories which have \img \css \js directories as well. Each directory may range form 2 files per \css and \js up to 126 within \img. My steps consist of:

  1. Site Settings
  2. Site Libraries and Lists
  3. Create New Content
  4. +New
  5. Document Library
  6. Provide Name (w/ Show in site navigation
  7. Drag and drop HTML and Directories in document library.
  8. Renamed htm to aspx from within Explorer

However, now the problem is that not only does it not see the paths to the directories within the html code, even if I renamed the html to aspx, it still defaults to the generated aspx file that was initially created when I created the document library (which I am assuming AllItems.aspx). It just downloads the renamed file as a file rather than displaying it as an actual html page. I've checked my ribbon and I do not get the options to set my html or the renamed aspx page as the default homepage.

I've tried just adding a page under the root directory /TechSupport however, I am only able to add one HTML page. The html can see the directories there, but I cannot add any other pages I have created which also have their own directories as well.

I've tried adding a wiki page and modifying the generated sharepoint code from one of the aspx document, placing the code between the generated content, but all it does is mess up the formatting on the page. I guess SP just doesn't like HTML pages with directory paths. Unless you guys have other solutions?

Its weird because the SharePoint is looking for a file that has specific permissions

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