Is it possible to create templates for pages? And how do I add them to the drop-down menu?


I know that there is a possibility - at least for Word documents. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it yet.

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In SharePoint, you will need to first create a content type which uses the page you need as template. Then add the content type to your library.

A SharePoint content type pulls together an item and information about the item. The item might be one of many different kinds of files, a document, an excel workbook, or even a status indicator for a progress report. It could also be a list or a folder. A content type associates this item with key metadata or other information such as a template or a retention policy.

For example, you can define a Sales Contract content type, and add it to the library that your team uses. Then, any time someone wants to create a sales proposal, they just choose Sales Contract from the New Document menu.

For what is content type, please check this:Introduction to content types and content type publishing

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