Is it possible to edit the items in an existing Quick Links web part using PowerShell PnP? I have seen posts about using the SharePoint workbench to get the JSON required to create a new web part. However, I want to add or remove items from an existing web part.

I tried using Get-PnPClientSideComponent to get the PropertiesJSON but this doesn't appear to include the full JSON that the workbench produces. So there isn't an items collection to work with (although I admit I might be missing something).

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.


I started down the road of building a function that returns the complete json from the component received from Get-PnPClientSideComponent. The information is all there. It certainly can be improved upon but hope it helps.

function Get-PnpQuickLinksJson{


$json = "{
    'controlType': $($component.SpControlData.ControlType),
    'id': '$($component.SpControlData.Id)',
    'position': {
        'zoneIndex': $($component.SpControlData.Position.ZoneIndex),
        'sectionIndex': $($component.SpControlData.Position.SectionIndex),
        'controlIndex': $($component.SpControlData.Position.ControlIndex),
        'layoutIndex': $($component.SpControlData.Position.LayoutIndex)
    'webPartId': '$($component.SpControlData.WebPartId)',

    'webPartData': {
        'id': '$($component.SpControlData.WebPartId)',
        'instanceId': '$($component.SpControlData.Id)',
        'title': 'Quick links',
        'description': '$($component.Description)',
        'serverProcessedContent': $($component.serverProcessedContent.ToString()),
        'dataVersion': '2.2',
        'properties': $($component.PropertiesJson)
    'emphasis': {},
    'reservedHeight': 146,
    'reservedWidth': 744,
    'addedFromPersistedData': true
#clean up characters for consistency
$json = $json.Replace("'",'"').Replace("`n", "").Replace("`t", "").Replace("`r", "");
$jsonObj = ConvertTo-Json $json;
return $jsonObj | ConvertFrom-Json;


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