In Sharepoint Online, on Enterprise Wiki pages, I have some links that point to
network drives on the company network, like this:

<a href="file://servername/file.xlsx">File link</a>

where servername is the name of a server on the network.

For one user, the link does not work. Nothing happens when he clicks on it in Edge, Firefox or Chrome browsers.

When I put the same link on a basic page on our company web server (outside Sharepoint, but on the company network), it works.

I have found out that Chrome and Firefox block 'file:' links by default.

Since only one user has reported the problem, I wonder if it is a trust issue for Edge.

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I opened an MS case and they confirmed it will not work in SPO. Here's their reply:

"\servername\folder will not work in SharePoint online. Shared Drive in your network is the Shared resources in your domain network.

In SharePoint online you can only add the link with fully qualified domain. When you add the shared network drive like \servername\folder as link to SharePoint online, it consider it folder hosted on its own web server. When you click on the link SharePoint add prefix domain.sharepoint.com\servername\folder to make it FQDN. This sends the query to own WFE. This is by design."

For more information and work arounds, please check the below links,

  1. https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/msoffice/forum/all/links-to-shared-drive-not-working/7a5e714e-3688-4815-97b1-f7ee2e4ae5db

  2. File:// hyperlink to a shared drive

  3. https://kalmstrom.com/Tips/SharePoint-Online-Course/Link-Shared-Drive.htm



Refer to the following article to add hyperlink to network drive:


Similar issue post for your reference:



This was because the Sharepoint URL was not a Trusted site under Internet Explorer -> Options -> Security.

After adding the site URL, the links work normally.

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