I'm working on an SPFx webpart to do some interactions with Project Server. As part of this, I need to delete some tasks.

I have a function that deletes tasks using HttpClient.fetch() with a DELETE verb sent to


as per this documentation.

My function returns a Promise that resolves to an array of HttpClientResponse objects (one per delete request), so after I call my delete function, I chain

.then((responses: HttpClientResponse[]) => {
    responses.forEach((response: HttpClientResponse) => {
        response.json().then(deleteJSON => {

because I want to see if there is some sort of verification object that has the task ID of the task that was just deleted, so I can verify which tasks were successfully deleted, and which might have failed.

Just before resolving the Promise I log to the console the HttpClientResponse[] that is about to be resolved. I can see that they were all 200/OK, ~~which means the DELETEs worked,~~ but then when it gets to response.json(), I get the

Syntax Error: unexpected end of JSON input


Should I be expecting something to be returned from a DELETE? Is that a bug, or is that just because nothing is actually sent back from the server after a DELETE?

If it makes a difference, in the HttpClientResponses, bodyUsed is true and body is a ReadableStream.

Hmm, well, since the responses were all 200/OK I thought the DELETEs worked, but going back and checking, it seems apparently not. I guess that will be for another question...

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