We have a SharePoint Server 2016 farm and configured AD FS authentication via SAML. Email address is used as a user identifier.

When we enable incoming email on a document library. Depending on the value of the "Email Security Policy" option, here what happens : enter image description here

1) , if we choose 'Accept email messages from any sender', we do receive email attachments on the document library

2) If we choose 'Accept email messaged based on document library permissions', attachment are no more received by the document library.

Now, here what I found in the ULS logs :

No match in user info list. Input : toto.tata@domain.com

And the same user on the user info list has the following entry :

Account : i:05.t|trustedIdentityProvider|toto.tata@domain.com

In this context, how to tell SharePoint that toto.tata@domain.com is the same user as i:05.t|trustedIdentityProvider|toto.tata@domain.com ?

[Update 1] @Trevor : Here are the synced attributes

enter image description here

  • What attributes are you sync'ing to the UIL? – Trevor Seward Nov 22 '19 at 1:33
  • Hi @TrevorSeward, I've updated the description with the synced attributes. – KhalilG Nov 24 '19 at 18:22

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