Scenario: a user has an .mpp project file they work with locally. They set up a local custom text field to use a lookup table. They then upload and save that file to a Project Server / PWA instance, and publish it.

Is there a way to access the lookup table for that field using the /_api/ProjectServer/ REST endpoint?

I know already that I can see the values of local custom fields by getting tasks from


and the local custom fields show up with internal names like


however, the value of a local custom text field that has been set up to use a lookup table is not a string of the display value of that lookup entry, it's an array with the internal name of the lookup table entry, so something like


So, clearly, if I can get a hold of the lookup table entries, I can find the entry by its internal name and get the display value. However, if I try to get the lookup tables from


I only get the Enterprise lookup tables.

So is there a way to get the lookup table associated with a local custom field in a project that has been uploaded to Project Server?

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As answered over on the MS TechNet Project Server Forum, you can get the lookup table of a local custom field by using the URL

https://<<PWA URL>>/_api/ProjectServer/Projects('<<ProjectID>>')/CustomFields('LocalCustom_Draft_f233fada2a0cea119bdad4258bf6958b_000039b78bbe4ceb82c4fa8c0b400033')/LookupTable/Entries

which, I discovered through playing around in Postman, can be shortened to use just the custom field's GUID without the LocalCustom prefix with the project ID, like:

https://<<PWA URL>>/_api/ProjectServer/Projects('<<ProjectID>>')/CustomFields('000039b78bbe4ceb82c4fa8c0b400033')/LookupTable/Entries

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