I want create new folder in library.
If I would like to create a folder in Shared Documents I can run this code:

public async Task<string> CreateFolder(string title)
    var driveItem = new DriveItem
        Name = title,
        Folder = new Folder

        AdditionalData = new Dictionary<string, object>()

    return await CreateGraphClient().Groups[groupId].Sites[siteId].Drive.Root.Children.Request().AddAsync(driveItem).ConfigureAwait(false);

How should I modified that code to create a new folder in other library than Shared Documents which is on the same site?


Okey, I got it:

await CreateGraphClient().Groups[groupId].Sites[siteId]

Where Lists[listId] is your custom library id, base on this post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/56266087/microsoft-graph-api-client-library-create-a-folder

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