I have a calculated column called 'Month' which adds in the month and year when each item was last modified.

This has suddenly stopped working across all SharePoint 2007 lists in our environment and is now returning #VALUE! instead of the month and year. All existing items are unaffected, and nothing has been changed.

The formula we are using is below:

=YEAR(Modified)&"-"&CHOOSE(MONTH(DATEVALUE("1/"&MONTH(Modified)&"/"&YEAR(Modified))),"01.January","02. February","03. March","04. April","05. May","06.June","07. July","08. August","09. September","10. October","11.November","12. December")

This is causing several views to break. I have attached a screenshot below of the Month column:

enter image description here

Does anyone have any idea why this would happen?

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