Can Anyone help me to figure out, how we can assume user licences in Office 356. Let us say we have 200 Active Directory users in my local domain,If i want to move to online, do I need to to buy 200 user licenses in Office 365?

Thanks in Advance,

Srinu Dasari.


Questions related to licensing is a bit difficult to answer because Microsoft propose a bunch of plans with packages and options.

You can compare each plan/option from the official Microsoft comparison table to find the right model for your business requirements.

To answer your question, “should I buy 200 licenses?” The answer is yes and no. It depends mainly of the subscription you will choose and for which users you want to give access.

Note: you can later on assign different kind of plans to your users according to your subscriptions. Which let you a certain flexibility to feet as much as possible your business needs and optimize your costs.

The best advise I can provide you is contacting Microsoft sales for guiding you. Or mandating a Microsoft Partner which can accompany you and also negotiate Microsoft contracts on your behalf.

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