I wonder if it's possible to get lookup values (from another list) inside a multi-line column. I can have these values as a separate lookup column, but I'd like to embed them into text in a multi-line column. I'm using SharePoint as part of O365 - must be one of the most recent versions. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Ruslan, what exactly do you want to achieve by embedding them in multi-line text? A lookup is nothing but a hyperlink column in SharePoint with path to the item from another list and you can add hyperlinks (with path to the desired item in another list) in your multi-line richtext columns anyways. Nov 17, 2019 at 11:07
  • Hi harshal, I have a master List with tools / systems / dashboards that should be referenced in the main List. Specifically, the tool names need to be embedded in a process description e.g. "Use #Tool XYZ# to do this. Then use #Tool ABC# to do that". As such, they shouldn't look like hyperlinks, but text-like lookup values. How would such a reference be embedded / looked up in a multiline text column?
    – Ruslan
    Nov 17, 2019 at 12:39

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OOTB SharePoint doesnt provide such options, you can have tools / systems / dashboards as lookup columns in your Master List, these columns will be displayed as drop down fields in the Master List new/edit item add page.

In the Master List new/edit item page, you have to add java script functions inside script editor web part. On drop downs (tools / systems / dashboards) item change event, you can get the values selected from the drop downs, concatenate the values and put it into the required Multi Line Text field.

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