I have a list app displayed on a SP page but the fonts are small and plain. I am trying to customize the background color, the font, and add a scroll bar to the items(that might be advanced).

I have had success changing the font size using the script editor and embedding the following

.ms-vh2 { font-size: 20pt ! important; } .ms-vh { font-size: 20pt ! important; }

I am new to coding so any help would be appreciated

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I have tested the following css in SharePoint 2013 Enterprise list view. I got the place holder div name of the list displayed and it is, DeltaPlaceHolderMain. You can also find it using the browser developer options. Using the below css, I got the reference of the div and applied back color of the div,

#DeltaPlaceHolderMain {background-color: blue}

To set the background color of a specific list on a SharePoint page, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Find webpart id by pressing F12 on your page and target that specific webpart area. it will look like WebPartWPQ..
  • Add a script editor on the page and insert the below css:

    <style type='text/css'
      #WebPartWPQ8{ // Id obtained from above step
        background-color: blue; //background color

Let me know if this helps.

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