I am trying to set up a sharepoint document library where excel files will be uploaded by users. Based on this data, i need to construct a couple of graphs for each collected excel file and insert all those graphs in one powerpoint file.

From what i've been reading lately, we can do this one of the following ways :

  1. You export to powerpoint from power view. However, this implies the development of Power views which is not necessarily my business need Ref : https://support.office.com/en-us/article/export-a-report-from-power-view-in-sharepoint-to-powerpoint-508a5d85-6619-43ef-b3ea-6a4094b573ef

  2. Export to Excel, automate chart creation (VBA ?) and link prepared PowerPoint to those charts. However, having tried posting excel files on a SharePoint with VBA code, the solution turned out to be very unstable (correct IE version to be used, SharePoint Library page should be open)

  3. Some Over The Shelf existing solution. (Is there any free solutions?)

  4. Add HTML visuals and convert to PPTX with available javascript libraries Ref : https://medium.com/@anandujjwal/adding-ppt-export-in-your-javascript-app-ecc8b7c996a

Which brings me here for feedback on the easiest way to do this. Also, I am neither admin on my PC or on SharePoint Server.


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