My single line text value is Colombia|d12fd403-83ac-4982-bc2c-3efdeb86e1f1; EP|1ac55076-7d65-4846-af18-67658fdf276a;Bronswerk|a5e873d7-61b6-454c-98cd-8c30ec17604f. I want to get the output in calculated column as Colombia;Ep;Bronswerk.

The single line text is getting values from multi selected managed meta data column. According to that we have to split values in calculated column.

Any help would be appreciated

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did you think of using ms flow expression?, well i tried a very simple and basic flow in order to split the input you have mentioned above,

I created a random list which contain 4 columns (Title, Colombia, Ep, Bronswerk) the Title column will be our input, the rest will be filled using the flow i will show you below

splitting flow

1-when an item is created (is a trigger which will run our flow when a new input enter to our list) 2-Compose (i used a simple formula which is composed of some MS flow expression) here is it :


it consist of getting the title, spliting it into an array (where the split character is the ; like you see) the output will be a simple array:

[ "Colombia|d12fd403-83ac-4982-bc2c-3efdeb86e1f1", "EP|1ac55076-7d65-4846-af18-67658fdf276a", "Bronswerk|a5e873d7-61b6-454c-98cd-8c30ec17604f" ]

3-Update the item (now we need to update the item, i mean the rest of the columns by each element of the previous array respectively.

concat(outputs('Compose')[i],'') #i from 0 to 2

and that is it ! here is a simple test: i enter a new input new input a new item is created new item is created and suprise :p result

I hope this will help you, Best regards.

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