I have couple of sites and subsites and would like to create a result source just for these sites. Then my intention is to add a new search webpart or use the existing one but change it to use my new result source. under Query Transform > when i click on Launch Query Builder > What do i need to do to add the multiple site url like so

Path={Site.URL} e.g http://Catalog,http://news,http:blog etc..

Also is it possible to remove some properties i don't want it to return e.g modified/created by or some default pages

Thanks in Advance

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Set your Query Transform to

{searchTerms} (Path:http://Catalog OR Path:http://news OR Path:http://blog)

As for removing properties, you can customize search results display template but KQL will return all specified searchable columns.


To remove some properties, exclude a Column from SharePoint Search Crawl for your reference:



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