I have SharePoint Online Power Management Shell version 16.0.8316.1200 installed on my laptop. Now I want to install latest version of it, but previous version of the shell is not overwriting neither it is getting uninstall.

When I run Get-Module command I can see installed version but when I try run Uninstall-Module I get error enter image description here

After further digging I found that it is installed through Program and Features of Control Panel enter image description here

I try to uninstall but it always ask me to for original package file to uninstall so I cannot uninstall it too. I am stuck over here. Can somebody help me from where I can download old version of msi so I can uninstall reinstall latest version enter image description here

Somebody help me to resolve this issue

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I found the all issue. I will explain it step by step

  1. I cannot uninstall/upgrade SharePoint Online Management Shell

    a. I try to uninstall from PowerShell but it gives me error as bellow enter image description here

    b. Then I try to upgrade SharePoint Online Management Shell to upward version but it install another SharePoint Online Management Shell with newer version. Whenever I start SharePoint Online Management Shell it start with old version not with new. So I uninstall never version

    c. I downloaded newer version and try to install but it also give me error The specified account already exists

    enter image description here

    d. So I downloaded Microsoft Install Cleaner from https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/17588/windows-fix-problems-that-block-programs-being-installed-or-removed and repaired SharePoint Online Management Shell which repaired and patch registry of windows

    e. Finally I could install new version of SharePoint Online Management Shell and it overwrites old version and I can work on new version

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