I have a SharePoint 2013 document library with documents created with InfoPath forms. If I try running a 2010 workflow that updates one of the properties on one of these documents, the workflow indicates “An error has occurred in OARFv2 Approval Workflow - PF2” Sometimes I don’t get that error, but instead get “Failed on start (retrying)” and it will stay like that forever until I manually cancel the workflow. I tried writing a very simple 2 line workflow that does nothing but set the value of one column to a hard-coded text string and ends. That just stayed running forever, indicating “In Progress” on the status. I’ve tried republishing the workflow using SHAREPOINT\System on the server itself. I’ve also tried giving myself full control permissions and putting the entire workflow inside an impersonation step, but I haven’t gotten anywhere. If I run a workflow that uses values from the documents to send emails, and doesn’t update the document at all, that will work and finish in seconds. I am able to update document properties manually by using “edit properties” so I do have permission to do this. It's a document library with 6000 documents. There are other document libraries within this site where I can update the documents without a problem using similar workflows. I’m not sure where to go with this. I don’t see a way to increase the logging level. I’m unfamiliar with how to re-write the workflow using VS to get better error messages. My next step might be to try to update using JavaScript and the REST endpoint and see what kind of error I get, but I bet it will work and it’s just the workflow that’s the problem.

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