I'm very new to Sharepoint, so please excuse me if this is a basic question that I'm just having trouble following the advice from previously posted questions. I'm trying to create a simple Sharepoint for users to log service items using Sharepoint 2007.

There is an Issue Status column and a Department column, amongst others. My goal is that when a new item is created, it's Issue Status is listed as Requested. When that happens I am hoping to have an email notification sent to a group of people based on what the Department is. So something like:

Item 1) Issue Status: Requested     Department: 1     Email To Person: A, B, C
Item 2) Issue Status: Requested     Department: 3     Email To Person: D, F

From there, the people who receive the email would review the item and update the status to Active, at which point an email would be sent to me.

What I currently have is simply every time an item is added as Requested an email is sent to me. I know I can include others in the email notification, but what I'm stuck on is having it go to certain people based on the Department, and an email only going to me once the status has been updated to Active.

Can anyone explain if what I'm trying to do is possible, or point me in the direction of some resources I could review?

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