My site collection is in modern experience , i.e all the pages are created in modern view as well as list and libraries open up in modern experience.

As a test I activated the site collection feature SharePoint Lists and Libraries experience on my site. The list and library were reverted to classic after I activated this feature.

Now when I deactivated the same feature, my list and libraries dont revert back to modern experience. Anyone faced the same issue? Is it not possible to revert back to modern experience ?

Also the modern experience appears for those list/lib where I select choose modern experience for list/lib by going in the lib settings. but even the newly created list and lib are getting created in classic exp.


Try clearing the local storage and cookie in your browser.

If it does not help, open the browser console (F12) and run the script:

document.cookie = "splnu = 1; path=/"

Then, refresh the list view.

  • Hi, clearing the cache worked for me but when the site is opened in another system the library appears in the classic view only.
    – Deepika
    Dec 3 '19 at 9:22

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