My site collection is in modern experience , i.e all the pages are created in modern view as well as list and libraries open up in modern experience.

As a test I activated the site collection feature SharePoint Lists and Libraries experience on my site. The list and library were reverted to classic after I activated this feature.

Now when I deactivated the same feature, my list and libraries dont revert back to modern experience. Anyone faced the same issue? Is it not possible to revert back to modern experience ?

Also the modern experience appears for those list/lib where I select choose modern experience for list/lib by going in the lib settings. but even the newly created list and lib are getting created in classic exp.

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Try clearing the local storage and cookie in your browser.

If it does not help, open the browser console (F12) and run the script:

document.cookie = "splnu = 1; path=/"

Then, refresh the list view.

  • Hi, clearing the cache worked for me but when the site is opened in another system the library appears in the classic view only.
    – Deepika
    Commented Dec 3, 2019 at 9:22

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