I've seen a number of calculations for fiscal year and quarter, but am hoping someone can help me a calculated column for fiscal months. Our company's fiscal months run from the 29th through the 28th. Using a date and time field, I want to be able to return a result of YYYY-MM. (So, for example, if the date is 11/28/2019, the fiscal month would be 2019-11. If the date is 11/29/2019, the fiscal month would be 2019-12.)

I'm working in Sharepoint 2013.

I have no idea where to even start on this one. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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You can try with this formula:

=CONCATENATE(IF(AND(DAY([MyDate]) > 28, MONTH([MyDate]) = 12), YEAR([MyDate]) + 1, YEAR([MyDate]))&"-"&IF(DAY([MyDate]) > 28,IF(MONTH([MyDate]) = 12, 1, MONTH([MyDate]) +1), MONTH([MyDate])))

Just change [MyDate] to whatever is your date column's name.

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