On SharePoint online when we browse the root site collection home page or any page we get the below two error in IE11 browser enter image description here

Page is not having any customization and it occurred in even outside of Corporate Network in IE

Could anybody let me know if any solution for this issue. I want to avoid any error in console.


CSS3111 is usually caused by an issue with the font's binary source. One of the popular online TTF to EOT converters for example produces EOT files with a NAME table that doesn't comply to the Microsoft standards, which results in EOT fonts that never load in IE and produce the CSS3111 error. So, when you experience a CSS3111, it is always good to try using a different TTF to EOT converter or font face generator.

You can check the similar post: IE9 - CSS3111: @font-face encountered unknown error

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  • This is Microsoft Online SharePoint root site home page. we have not developed anything so cant do any changes. if you think this issue related to any browser settings so i can do the changes – vinit kumar Nov 8 '19 at 10:38

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