Is it possible to create awesome how-to's, blog posts or tech docs only by using webparts and other tools that a already available on Sharepoint Online?

These posts often following a pattern like

<text with link>


Here is an example of a page with a technical article (I don't know the operator, the page is a Google find) the way I want to write it.

I can only use modern pages, so the old wiki-template will be omitted. I know that the Markdown Web Part exists, but the handling of images is very unintuitive and complicated there.

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Here is a basic introduction about how to start building your own pages:SharePoint Modern Page Best Practices

And here is a portal about how to design you SharePoint Site and pages:Design beautiful and performant sites, pages, and web parts with SharePoint in Office 365.

You can check great examples and directly add them to your tenant here:SharePoint look book

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