I need to concatenate two columns in SharePoint, and one of them is type person. I saw that is possible to create a workflow (question 218041), but I can't use SharePoint Designer in this site. There is another way, using SharePoint Online?

  • Perhaps powershell could do that too
    – Tally
    Nov 1, 2019 at 15:10

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Only below column types are supported in Calculated column according to Microsoft's article:


  • Single line of text
  • Number
  • Date and Time


  • Multiple lines of text
  • Currency
  • Person or Group
  • Calculated
  • Hyperlink or Picture
  • Custom Columns
  • Yes/No
  • Choice
  • Lookup

So out of the box it's not possible. You may need to to look for the customization using Powershell or jQuery based solutions.

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