I am attempting to create filtered views to share with pertinent staff. I imported an Excel data sheet to create my list. And, up until now I have been able to achieve my desired end.

Until filtering to the program office shown in the screen shot below. I applied the filter, clicked "Save this View," gave it a name, and when i clicked save the data in the columns disappeared. This has happened for two other program offices. Why is this happening?

Filtered view of the Program Office column

After saving, data in columns disappears

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If you filter any column on the list view page it will be just a temporary filter.

In order to create a Permanent filter, you need to Create a new view and add Filter from View settings.


Configure a view to display a subset of the items in a list by filtering them with information in columns of the list. For example, a view can show the items in a list that are for a specific project.

Check below official documentation by Microsoft for the same:

  1. Create, change, or delete a view of a list or library
  2. Edit a list view in SharePoint.

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