We are on SharePoint 2016 with Office Online Server 2016. We have sites that we'd like to lock in read-only mode (per CA), but upon doing so will make the viewing the document in the browser view fail with:

"There's a configuration problem preventing us from getting your document. If possible, try opening this document in Microsoft Word." enter image description here

We'd like to ability for users to still view documents in a site that is read-only locked. Seems like we can't have both, unless I'm missing something...?

EDIT: Looking more into it, if I take a site out of read-only, and browse to it, my displayname is updated from domain\LOGINNAME to "FIRSTNAME LASTNAME", and if I put the read-only lock on it again, I can now view documents in the browser correctly.

Question now becomes, how can I automatically do that for all my users (so they don't have to navigate to the site first)?

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