I've got quite a complex document library, with some folders that have strict access for certain users. I've created a content type and will add templates to the content type.

If i clicke my way down to a certain folder in my SharePoint library then choose to create a new document from a template, and then save it, is doesn't end up in the folder i had selected, it's saved on the top folder, not in the folder I was in when I opened a new document.

How do I get my documents to end up in the chosen folder in my library, without having to choose the correct one when i'm saving my document?

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Maybe Content Organizer could be useful in this case ?


If not then I suppose you will need a custom Remote Event Receiver:


  • Thanks, didn't know about Content organizer and rules, will do some research into that and try it out. Thanks!
    – Robert
    Nov 1, 2019 at 9:38

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