SharePoint newbie here.

I have been working on a list on SharePoint online that has a simple workflow.

Due to requirement changes, I did some changes to the workflow and published it. However, when a new item is created it still runs on a old workflow instance (Previous version?).

Does anyone know why it doesn't automatically run on the latest version?

  • I am currently doing test in my environment and will give an update as soon as possible. Oct 30, 2019 at 1:23

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Double publish the workflow and compare the results, if the issue still exists, check the following:

If it is SharePoint 2010 whether there is previous version workflow:

enter image description here

If it is SharePoint 2013 platform workflow, I would suggest you recreate the workflow.


You can check whether versioning is enabled for the Workflow (wfsvc) library in SharePoint Online where the workflows are stored. For details, visit SharePoint-201-workflow-hidden-library

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