I have a requirement where only few users can create MS Flow in entire tenant, however all other users can use it and initiate/run the flows.

Could you please me know, how it can be achieved in SharePoint Online.

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For people who can edit/create flows you can use the "Share" button at the top of the ribbon in your flow. To configure users only to run flows, there is a setting called "Run Only Users" where you can add users who can run but not edit.

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What you can do is disable flows at site collection level. Check this reference link. I tried disabling using the below code from the above reference link:

Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/siteCollName -Credentials '[email protected]'
Set-PnPSite -DisableFlows:$true

This made the flows button disappear from the site collection. But when I login into flow and perform an action on the same site collection, it succeeds.

  • I looking for option to stop site owner also to create a new MS flow from any SharePoint List Oct 29, 2019 at 12:51
  • Then currently it is not possible to restrict users from creating flows because flow is free. Oct 29, 2019 at 13:00
  • Check the updated answer Oct 29, 2019 at 13:22

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