I am working on a custom list inside SharePoint online team site. and inside the list's Edit form i want to set a managed metadata field (titled "Customer Name") and a multiple-line of text field (titled "Description") as Read-Only, so i added this jQuery:-

//disable the customer name managed metadata
$("div[title='Customer Name']").children().prop("contenteditable",false);
$("div[title='Customer Name']").parent().find('img').hide();

//disable the Description.

where it will prevent users from editing the 2 fields (which is good), but it did not grey-out those fields, so users will think that those fields are enabled, so not sure if i can grey out these 2 fields? here is a screen shot of how those fields will look like after using the above jQuery:- enter image description here

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You can set the column background color to display as greyed out:


  • i have to set the text color as light grey..
    – John John
    Oct 29, 2019 at 12:49

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