I'm quite new to this, could anyone point out why my calculated field isn't working

Im trying to use a matrix to output a value of critical, high, medium or low

The field Im using is ImpUrg_Total, this is my current failure


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Use your formula like the following:


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  • Thanks for your help, it still didn't like it but was a lot closer, I changed it slightly to add in <13 as it will never be 13 or more so it worked like this
    – Russell
    Commented Oct 25, 2019 at 2:07
  • =IF(ImpUrg_Total<2,"Critical",IF(AND(ImpUrg_Total>=2,ImpUrg_Total<4),"High",IF(AND(ImpUrg_Total>=4,ImpUrg_Total<9),"Medium",IF(AND(ImpUrg_Total>=9,ImpUrg_Total<13),"Low"))))
    – Russell
    Commented Oct 25, 2019 at 2:07

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