I have uploaded the Word document on SharePoint Document Library (Modern Site), my Library has following columns:

  • Title

  • ADDS

  • LBB

  • Category

Step 1: After uploading the file for the first time, I have filled the values in these columns on SharePoint.

Step 2: Again, I have uploaded the same file, now above columns values got blank.

Issue with Title > I can understand this.... Title is MS Word property as well and it will be overwritten (As per this - Document Properties not carry to new version).

But why my other custom columns values are getting blank???

Note: This issue is coming only for MS Office files (DOC, PPT, XLS, etc.). However it's working as expected for other file formats - .pdf, .jpg, .zip, etc

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Per my test in my SharePoint online environment, I follow the steps in your post and then I encounter the same issue as yours.

It cannot upload the file with the same file name, if I click the “Replace” and then the values in the custom columns will disappear.

Then I suggest you could submit a service request in the office 365 admin center.

enter image description here

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