I'm trying to achieve something easy but I'm new to PowerApps and is way different than InfoPath.

I want to configure a text label to show different text based of values of other field.

For Example:

In my form I have a Choise field with Choises: Choise1, Choise2, Choise3.

When Choise1 is selected from end users I want the text label to show a specific text like CustomText1 or CustomText2.

I tried to add If in the text value of the label but it doesn't work. I use this as I did in a training:

If(ThisItem.'DataCardValue2'.Value="Choise1","CustomText1"," No selection")

DataCardValue2 is the Choice field I want to evaluate.

Any help?

  • Are you using a blank layout while developing powerapp or anything else? Commented Oct 23, 2019 at 14:03

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As per my understanding, you are using Label show the text based on selection in drop-down.

In that case you need to set the Text property of your Label field based on the value of your field Choise.

To check the value of Choise is equal to "Choise1" or not, you need to use IF function.

You need to use your formula in Text property of Label field something like below:

IF(DataCardValue2.Text = "Choise1","CustomText1","No selection")

Note: I have used DataCardValue2.Text and DataCardValue2.Value.

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