I have created sharepoint search service application via UI and powershell, and either way it is throwing the same error when I click on the search service application in Central Admin.

404 not found.

What could possibly be?


Make sure Search Host Controller Service and SharePoint Server Search is started via CA->Manage services on server.

And try to activate a hidden feature using command below:

Enable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url <central admin URL>

If the feature is already enabled, you need to disable the feature first and then enable it.

Disable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url <central admin URL>
Enable-SPFeature SearchAdminWebParts -url <central admin URL>

Run IISReset and check again.

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  • This feature "searchAdminWebParts" does not exist. – Burre Ifort Oct 31 '19 at 13:39

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