Our AD administrator has just set up about 10 AD groups that I want to synch with the User Profile Service for SP 2010. Seems like the synch runs fine without error but now I am having trouble verifying that these groups have synched properly. Another words, I want to proof that the groups synched by confirming through navigating the site. Should I be able to see the group as an audience? For instance when I go to set up an audience I want to map an audience to the AD group that I synched(eg. Development Group) When I search on the group no results come back. I am new to synchronizing groups so its matter of understanding what I should be able to do once the synch completes. My hunch is that they haven't synched.

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When I have windows security groups and membership synchronized properly, I am able to resolve group names while adding a new Audience and add a rule (operand = user, operator= member of, value = name of windows security group).

  • This did it. Not sure why the initial synchronization didn't result in the groups appearing when I set up audiences like your answer. However, after trying to establish audiences a second time they were there and all is well. Commented Jan 17, 2012 at 20:11

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