When you want to view a document Online, for example Word Document, the Url of the document is :


The GUID is the UniqueID of the document in SharePoint.

It would be very interesting to select an older version of the document to view using a syntax like underneath (for the revision 1 of a document) as when you want to download a specific revision of a document?

For Downloading the revision 1 of MyDocument.docx the syntax is :


For viewing this underneath URL could be great:


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You could access the previous version document like following.

http://yoursite/yoursubsite/_vti_history/512/Documents/Book1.xlsx (Accessing version 1.0)

One thing to note if you have only one version of the document then this will give 404 page not found error.

_vti_history - Virtual directory

512 - See the following table then you could understa

“1” = version “0.1“


“2” = version “0.2“


“512” = version “1.0“


“1025” = version “2.1“


Formula : Major Version * 512 + Minor Version

Reference: How to download the historical file version content using CSOM

  • Hello @jerry, thank you for that, I'm aware of that but I don't want to download it, I just want to view it (with VisioOnline, with Word online or with Excel Online) without downloading it. Commented Oct 22, 2019 at 7:29

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