I created an Item list with column headers imported from a table created in Excel. I notice that when i try to sort (Ascend/Descend, etc) the column says, "This column type cannot be sorted." Why is this happening to my list? NOTE: I have customized each column. Some are multi choice columns, some a single lines of text, some are dates.

Another issue is that I want to create views that i will share with the various program offices who will be submitting files on a given due date. Sharepoint has allowed me to save a few once they were sorted (see screen shot), but not others (see screenshots). I've tried to save the view in both Chrome & Explorer. What's going on?

enter image description here


It depends on the column type. If a column type is multiple lines of text or multiple choices on a choice column, or from a lookup list, then it's not sortable.

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