In a sharepoint webpart built on angular js I have used tiny mce editor. At first I show tiny mce editor with readonly mode. Later based on dropdown selection I need to change it to editable mode. How can I do that?

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You can use 2 tiny mce instances for same ng-model. One for readonly mode and another one for editable mode. Based on your selection show/hide the html element.

See below example

<div ng-show="showReadOnly">
   <textarea ui-tinymce="tinymceOptionsReadOnly" ng-model="testModel" ></textarea>
<div ng-show="!showReadOnly">
   <textarea ui-tinymce="tinymceOptions" ng-model="testModel" ></textarea>

and in your controller add two tinymce options, one for readonly and another one for editable mode.

$scope.tinymceOptionsReadOnly = {           
    theme : 'advanced',
    readonly : 1

$scope.tinymceOptions = {           
    theme : 'advanced'

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