I want a cell in a SP list to automatically populate/fill-in if a certain text value is present in a column in the same list. For example the list contains two columns named: Route of Flight and Spare Parts.

The Route of Flight column is filled in by the planner with a string of text, e.g. KOKC-KLIT-KDFW-KOKC. If the Route of Flight column contains KDFW then I want the Spare Parts column to auto-populate with "NEEDED". If the route of flight does not contain KDFW then the Spare Parts column should auto-populate with "NOT NEEDED".



Sounds like you need a Calculated Column.

  1. Add a Calculated Column.
  2. Enter a formula like below.

    =IF( ISERROR(SEARCH("KDFW",[Route of Flight])), "NOT NEEDED", "NEEDED" )

Note: SEARCH returns a number if the text is found, or an error if not.


Except using a Calculated column, you can also use InfoPath Designer to customize your list form then use Rules to set field's value.
Set a field’s value

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