The situation:

  • Node Express.js app connects to SharePoint via pnp.js (REST)
  • this app MUST route through a proxy


  • How can I force the node express.js app to use the proxy ?

In powershell:

So I think I need the equivalent of the -Proxy parameter in my Express.js app.

Thanks for any pointers.


The documentation of PnPJS shows how to set a proxy URL when performing the setup: https://pnp.github.io/pnpjs/nodejs/docs/proxy/

import { SPFetchClient, SPOAuthEnv, setProxyUrl } from "@pnp/nodejs";

    sp: {
        fetchClientFactory: () => {

            // call the set proxy url function and it will be used for all requests regardless of client
            setProxyUrl("{your proxy url}");
            return new SPFetchClient(settings.testing.sp.url, settings.testing.sp.id, settings.testing.sp.secret, SPOAuthEnv.SPO);
  • sorry for the late reply, been busy I don't have an id, nor a secret. The nodejs app is not a addin. I'm logging in on SharePoint onpremise with adfs credentials. It works, using pnp-auth, for situations where no corp proxy is in-between. I cannot get it to work with the proxy though
    – user901926
    Oct 28 '19 at 15:17

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