I an writing one CALM query as below. But seems like Neq is not working for choice field. I am getting wrong results.

Does anyone know the work around.

                <Eq><FieldRef Name='FirstReminder' /> <Value IncludeTimeValue='False' Type='DateTime'><Today OffsetDays='-3'/></Value></Eq>
                <Eq><FieldRef Name='SecondReminder' /> <Value IncludeTimeValue='False' Type='DateTime'><Today OffsetDays='-6'/></Value></Eq>
            <Eq><FieldRef Name='ThirdReminder' /> <Value IncludeTimeValue='False' Type='DateTime'><Today OffsetDays='-9'/></Value></Eq>
            <Neq><FieldRef Name='Document_x0020_Status' /><Value Type='Choice'>Obsolete</Value></Neq>
            <Neq><FieldRef Name='Document_x0020_Validity' /><Value Type='Choice'>Obsolete</Value></Neq>

Thanks in advance.


I tested with two choice fields with same field name without other condition and it works as expected:

enter image description here

Suggest to test with Caml Designer to build the correct result:

Caml Designer Download

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