I want to create a multilingual site in sharepoint with one language as English and other language as Arabic. Now I my feeling I will have to use two master pages one for Arabic and other for English.

Now my question is , is it possible to have two masterpages or is there any other solution that I cap opt for.

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You dont need to create multiple master page, rather you have to SharePoint Multilingual Site feature. following thing you get with it:

  • Create, manage, and read content in different languages.
  • Navigate a site in a preferred language.
  • Collaborate with people in different regions, in different languages, in the same application.
  • Manage personal sites by using a preferred language.
  • Search and browse content across a company by using a preferred language.

read more about it: Plan for multilingual sites in SharePoint Server and also read this: Create a multi-language website

one of the main requirement is, you have to install the desired language pack on all SharePoint servers.

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