I am trying move files from one site collection to another. Following code works for smaller files but not for large files due to memory exceptions:

if (item.FileSystemObjectType == FileSystemObjectType.File)
    var fileName = item["FileLeafRef"] as string;
    var fileSize = item["File_x0020_Size"];


    using (var stream = item.File.OpenBinaryStream().Value)
        item.Context.ExecuteQueryWithIncrementalRetry(3, logger);

        var fi = new FileCreationInformation();
        fi.ContentStream = stream;
        fi.Url = fileName;
        fi.Overwrite = true;
        destLibrary.Context.ExecuteQueryWithIncrementalRetry(3, logger);

Is there anyway to to the same in batches? Notice SaveBinary etc cannot be used with modern authentication.


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This one solves the problem:


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